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Snoop Dogg and Santana’s custom pipe manufacturer, Jerome Baker Designs tokenizes bongs

Jerome Baker Designs, the celebrity glass pipe maker, will release a series of bong-related NFTs attached to matching tangible assets early next month.

The NFTs on FDCTech’s Ethereum-based platform show each bong’s unique glassblowing technique and offer additional benefits. They’ll be live on Super Bowl Sunday (Feb. 13). Then, and the physical bongs that go with them will be in auction off at Superchief Gallery.

According to the smoking products marketplace SLX, Jason Harris, the founder and president of Jerome Baker Designs, is one of the top ten glassblowers in the world.

He started the company in the early 1990s and has worked with celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, George Clooney, the Grateful Dead, Santana, and Rita Marley on custom-made pieces.

“As an artist, we need a certificate of authenticity to connect to the art.”
“NFTs act as a certificate of authenticity and create value and legacy.”

While other types of art, such as sculptures and paintings, can be bronzed or copied, glassblowing, according to Harris, is a one-time endeavor that cannot be duplicated.

“You will have a documented experience of the creation of that artwork and in that lay the magic.”
” It’s like buying a pair of Jordans. If you ever want to sell them,”
” you might need the packaging in perfect condition.”
” The NFT acts as a certificate of authentication and the artwork acts as the package.”

Also, The five bong NFTs set to debut on Super Bowl Sunday, according to Harris. So, This will be inspired by his Burnt Orange collection, which has translucent bright orange glass bongs.

Lastly, Owners of a bong NFT will enjoy real-world advantages such as glassblowing training. Then, and a trip to the Dream Factory in Las Vegas (Jerome Baker Designs Headquarters).

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