Socrates Unveils Major Airdrop Campaign to Incentivise Engagement with High-Quality Content


Socrates, a pioneering web3 SocialFi media platform, announces launching an airdrop campaign, “Light of Debate: Season 1 Airdrop,” distributing 4 million SOC tokens to its community. Based on a leaderboard for those who have earned the most points on the platform, this campaign aims to elevate content quality and user interaction, highlighting Socrates’ commitment to enhancing online community experiences. This campaign will run from December 21st to January 21st.

LONDON – December 21st, 2023 – Socrates, the innovative web3 social media platform bridging SocialFi and GameFi, is excited to announce a significant airdrop campaign, rewarding its community for their continued support and engagement. After successfully distributing a small airdrop to early adopters, Socrates has launched a major airdrop, demonstrating a commitment to its growing user base and the broader web3 community.

Starting December 21st, Socrates will initiate the “Light of Debate: Season 1 Airdrop,” a campaign distributing 4 million SOC tokens. Running until January 21st, this airdrop is a token of appreciation for the community’s firm support and an invitation for new users to join the vibrant Socrates platform to create quality and trending content. 

The campaign will specifically reward those actively engaging and earning the most points during this timeframe. An extra 500,000 SOC is set aside for a loyalty program to boost user involvement further, with further details being announced soon. Participants will need to complete a series of missions on a third-party website, adding an element of challenge and engagement. This approach enhances user interaction with Socrates, strengthening the community through rewarding commitment and active participation.

“As a social media platform, we are profoundly aware that our strength lies in the quality of content we host,” said Penny Yu, Global Marketing & Operations, at Socrates DAO. “At Socrates, we are committed to incentivising top-tier content creation, recognizing that it is the cornerstone of any thriving online community. We want to empower creators to bring their best to the platform, enriching the experience for all our users.”

The airdrop was announced at Socrates’ recent launch events. During the four events hosted in London, Mexico City, Hong Kong, and Buenos Aires, attendees had the opportunity to experience Socrates’ unique features firsthand, including interactive Q&As and debates. Each event was not only a showcase of the platform’s capabilities but also a celebration of cultural harmony and artistic brilliance.

Airdrop Details:

  • How to earn points:
    • Engage in community activities: Vote, answer with reasons, support valuable questions, and post engaging questions.
    • Trending questions participation: 50% of the platform’s revenue from minted Pens will be allocated to the prize pools of trending questions.
    • Refer new users: Earn points and up to 10% commission when they buy or upgrade SBT Pens.
    • Owning a higher-level SBT Pen and NFT Genesis Pens will increase reward coefficients.


  • Calculation Period: From 11 am UTC, Dec 21st, 2023, to 11 am UTC, Jan 21st, 2024.
  • Airdrop Claim Time: Starting from 11 am UTC, Jan 22nd.
  • Token Information: SOC Token is an ERC-20 governance token on the Ethereum Mainnet with a total supply of 100 million. Not mintable on Polygon or BNB chain.

Token address: 0x3250577E12b9469915C1Fa3a71C22817Ca44C4D9 


About Socrates
Socrates is a global web3 social media and entertainment platform based on blockchain, where users earn rewards by participating in multiple-choice Q&As, debating, and sharing knowledge. Combining the best of Social-Fi and Game-Fi, the organisation aims to pioneer a new era of dialogue and knowledge beyond borders, empowering and rewarding individuals to share their vision and shape the future through diverse perspectives.

With social media and mainstream media currently directing human thoughts, Socrates inspires individuals to think freely about issues and combats misinformation. The platform features an innovative and intuitive user interface, allowing anyone to openly debate and discuss any topic, ranging from politics to sports and entertainment. Users can create multiple-choice questions in-app, allowing others to interact by answering, giving reasons, and liking comments. 

Integral to Socrates’ mission, they’re dedicated to providing a space for people to voice their honest opinions, presenting unique perspectives in a streamlined format. The platform has also created an incentivised ecosystem where any interaction requires contributing to the question’s prize pool, with potential rewards being distributed once the question has closed. Valuable contributions and more popular ‘trending’ questions may offer larger rewards, ensuring users initiate or contribute to the dialogues that matter.

Utilizing decentralized blockchain technology, users can access the platform by linking their non-custodial wallet and spending crypto. With a focus on transparency, safety, and security, the community will benefit from web3’s unparalleled privacy features and spam reduction. 

Socrates is a global organisation with a unique decentralized model that places its members at the core. With many members from leading fintech, web3, and crypto companies, the company has considerable plans for expansion, and is dedicated to giving everyone the freedom to share their opinion without constraint, fostering a community-driven platform that transcends geographical boundaries.

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