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Sometimes it’s best to sit calm doing nothing until your crypto turns into diamonds.

Sometimes it's best to sit calm doing nothing until your crypto turns into diamonds.

The Crypto world has a meme that says that it dumps and sells the market pumps whenever you buy the market. Like a cliche, this widespread status of the meme signifies that it has an element of truth.

You are considered delusional if you hold on to a dying coin for too long. If you sell it too fast, you are derided as having “paper hands”. The day traders who make a profit are estimated to stand in between 1% to 3%.


Dogecoin was priced at under 1 cent for the vast majority of its eight-year existence. It broke the barrier miraculously just before its Surge in 2021.

In January alone, the coin price increased by over 14,000%, which is on its way to a recent peak of $0.69 despite a dead development pool.

Ethereum classic

The Redditor also sold Ethereum when it was priced between $4 and $5. Unfortunately, it means that they missed out on a chance on what could have been a 2,575% return on their investment.

ETC’s price was between $4 to $5 for most of 2019 until December 2020. After that, the coin started moving from January 2021, swayed by the rising tide of the broader cryptocurrency market.

However, many unlucky traders faced fruitless experiences with some of the most significant tech stocks of the world. Some of them were Amazon, Netflix, Apple, AMD, and Chinese internet giant Baidu.

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