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The nominee for the Federal Reserve looks to Congress for guidance...

The US Federal Reserve is deferring to Congress on whether or not to introduce a central bank digital currency (CBDC). That's, according to Lael...

In 2021, the US Congress introduced 35 crypto-related bills

In 2021, 35 legislation connected to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology were introduced in the United States Congress. In the United States, the year marked...

US Congressman Demands For Law Allowing Government To Reverse Cryptocurrency Transactions

Discussing Bitcoin Regulation During an Axios virtual event on Tuesday, Democratic Rep. Invoice Foster of Illinois, co-chair of the Congressional Blockchain Caucus, discussed bitcoin regulation. Addressing...

Congress Members raise concerns over the U.S. Treasury’s Cryptocurrency Rule

In a latest update, U.S. Congressman with seven other congress members expressing concern over the proposed rule for virtual currency transactions.

U.S. Congress agrees on $900 billion Stimulus Bill

The United States Congress has reached a consensus on a proposed $900B pandemic stimulus package, thus leading to a bitcoin price rally by crypto community.



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