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The World’s First Virtual Lager, Metaverse Beer, has Arrived

Heineken has announced the release of its first virtual beer. It’s called Heineken Silver, and it’s only available in a virtual brewery in Decentraland, an immersive digital platform.

Heineken Silver is made entirely of refined pixels. It is triple-filtered and uploaded at a rate of 5 million megabits per second.

It’s just right for Generation Y and Generation Z. Those squares don’t even know how to have a good time in the first place. They don’t want to party, in fact. They simply want to avoid being awkward in real pubs by staying at home with their parents. Ew. Generation X knows how to have a good time. They’d rather be out in the real world, drinking real alcohol and doing humiliating things.

It’s a dream come true for Gen Y and Z-uppers. They can go into the metaverse whenever they want and drink gluten-free, calorie-free, alcohol-free, fun-free beer. Binary-coded hops are used in the brewing of Virtual Heineken Silver. Non-player character farmers cultivate these. Heineken’s professional virtual brewing helpers supervise the virtual brewing process.

You can visit the Heineken virtual brewery while you’re in Decentraland and drink some beer. At the virtual brewery, there was also a product launch. Heineken Silver was introduced at a product launch event where attendees learned about the brewing process. They also ate caviar and pixelated lobster. They also mingled with Heineken ambassadors, including Thierry Henry, a former Arsenal star.

Heineken, on the other hand, does not appear to be taking themselves seriously at all.

Spokesperson, Bram Westenbrink, said,
“At Heineken, we believe that connecting with people is vital to human existence,”
“like the air we breathe or the water we drink. And we know that the metaverse brings people”
” together in a light-hearted and immersive way that is really exciting – but it’s just not the best “
“place to taste a new beer. Our new virtual beer, Heineken Silver is an ironic joke.”
“It is a self-aware idea that pokes fun at us and many other brands that are jumping into the”
“metaverse with products that are best enjoyed in the real world. For now, you can’t taste pixels and bytes.”
” So, we want to make a joke about that and remind everyone that nothing beats the taste of”
“a refreshing beer, including our new virtual Heineken Silver, in the real world.”

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