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The World’s Largest Cut Diamond Was Purchased in Cryptocurrency for $4.3 Million

Sotheby’s, the world’s leading art and luxury marketplace, revealed earlier this year that it will hold an auction for a rare 555.55-carat diamond that may be sold for cryptocurrency. Between February 2 and February 9, the necklace was on exhibit in London, where it was purchased for $4.3 million in digital assets by Richard Heart, a social entrepreneur, novelist, and philanthropist.

As the founder of the blockchain business HEX, the American is no stranger to cryptocurrency. The 42-year-old said in a recent tweet that the jewelry will contain his company’s name – “ diamond.” He did not, however, specify the type of cryptocurrency he utilized.

“It is thought that this specific type of black diamond was created either from meteoritic”
“impacts producing natural chemical vapor deposition or an extraterrestrial origin “
“– from supernovae explosions that formed diamond-bearing asteroids which ultimately collided with the Earth,”
So, Sotheby’s explains.

Unlike most diamonds found deep within the globe, this one was discovered on the surface, indicating that it may have come from space.

According to researchers, the diamond might be anywhere between 2.6 and 3.8 billion years old. The necklace weighed almost 800 carats in its raw form.

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