Warren Buffet Will Panic Buy Bitcoin At $50K: Max Keiser

Warren Buffet
Warren Buffet

Soon after TV anchor and Bitcoin maximalist Max Keiser said that Warren Buffet is wrong about gold, Bitcoin, airlines and all via his tweet, he has made another sensational claim.

Keiser said that Buffet will start to panic buy Bitcoin once it reaches the $50k mark. He made these claims in an interview to cryptopotato.com. The CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, however, has never shown favouritsm towards gold or use implications as an tool.

In his letter, dated 2019, to Berkshire Hathaway’s shareholders,Buffett refers to the ones planning to accumulate gold as a hedge instead of making investments in “American businesses,” their portfolio would be much smaller according to the report.

“And what would that supposed protection [gold] have delivered? You would now have an asset worth less than 1% of what would have been realized from a simple unmanaged investment in American business. The magical metal was no match for the American mettle.”

The interest for Buffet lies in several other sectors of the traditional financial scene, including substantial investments in the banking sector.