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Warren Davidson’s new bill prohibits federal agencies from imposing crypto restrictions

Is Warren Davidson, a member of the United States Congress, reacting to the current situation in Canada?

Then, To protect private bitcoin and crypto usage in his country, he just sponsored the “Keep Your Coins Act.”

It specifically prevents federal agencies from interfering with the freedom to self-custody and the ability to conduct peer-to-peer transactions. Also, It limits their ability to prohibit “self-hosted” bitcoin wallets from being used.

More so, Things are not looking good for freedom in Canada. So, The government tainted the integrity of all crowdfunding platforms by forbidding them from distributing funds to Canadian truckers. Then, things became even worse.

“Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister says, under the Emergencies Act, banks can quickly freeze”
“or suspend bank accounts without a court order and be protected from legal liability,”
That’s, Greg Price of X Strategies writes.

So, This is the Video of Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister…

So, Warren Davidson retorted in kind. “Shortly, our office will introduce legislation in the United States House of Representatives to protect Americans from this type of overt theft.” Then Davidson explained why he did what he did. “Bitcoin fixes this,” a number of people will definitely recognize. So, Only in the case of self-custody is this true. Similar flaws exist in account-based cryptography.”

So, Tucker Carlson, a controversial TV host, commented on the situation of Canadian truckers:

“Tally Coin, for example, is a small crowdfunding service that uses Bitcoin. It’s not controlled by banks, that’s the point.”
“They’re hosting a fundraiser for the truckers. Now, why is this appealing?”
“No one can steal the money. No government can pressure anyone to turn the money over,”
“because governments don’t control crypto.”

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