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WazirX founder Says Countries Will Enter the Crypto Industry In 2022 Or Regret Not Doing So

Nischal Shetty is the founder and CEO of WazirX, a Mumbai-based cryptocurrency exchange.
Also, and Crowdfire, a marketing bot that helps creators grow their brands.

Furthermore, WazirX is an open-source exchange that uses computerized matching to facilitate peer-to-peer trade.
More so, As a social media guru and entrepreneur, part or Forbes India’s 30 Under 30 list in 2014.

Major Predictions for 2022

Growth in India

So, WazirX founder Says
“2021 has shown us the potential of crypto, especially in India…”
“The India market has grown at least five to 10 times in just this year alone…”
“And this is the inflection point where 2022 will probably eclipse the growth of 2021…”
“With all the investments coming into crypto, 2022 will see probably thousands of crypto startups emerging.”

Furthermore, on Clarity in Regulations

Then, WazirX founder explains.
“We are probably at the later stages of regulation where governments,…”
“including India and other countries, are dabbling with what should crypto regulations look like?…”
“We are going to see a lot more countries reaching towards…”
“that regulatory environment in their respective nations.”

More so, as per CBDCs in greater numbers

So, WazirX founder adds
“CBDC (central bank digital currency) has been the talk of the town and everyone’s talking…”
“about CBDC and we’ve seen some early experiments…”
“But 2022 will probably see a lot more countries adopting and bringing about their own CBDC.”

So, On Breakthroughs in Blockchain

Furthermore, WazirX founder notes
“One of the biggest problems today in the blockchain ecosystem,…”
“which is probably slowing down the growth or has the potential to slow down the growth,…”
“is the scalability of blockchains. My prediction is that in 2022,…”
“you will see some scalable solutions to the existing problems that blockchains are facing.”

Lastly, On Cryptocurrency acceptance

Conclusively, WazirX founder Says
“What countries are realizing is they have to participate or they have to be left out…”
“This is not a technology where one or two nations can decide its fate,…”
“which is leading to every nation participating, which is a good thing very similar to the internet…”
“If you look back, every country ultimately had to adopt and adapt,..”
“and that’s what is going to happen to crypto. We are about 150 million people into…”
“crypto today. The internet has 4.73 billion people, so a long way to go.”

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