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Web 3.0 and Web 5.0 Explained 

Web 3 or Web 3.0 unveiled a new narrative where you can own anything! Web 5.0 is going to take that limit to the next level. Before we jump to Web 5.0, let’s look at Web 3.0 firstly; 

Web 3.0 or Web3 known colloquially is the third evolution in the Internet that uses AI and blockchain to power up the operations. Communities can be governed through DAO’s using Web 3.0. On top of this, anyone can own their intellectual rights and monetize the same to eternity in a truly decentralized peer-to-peer manner. 

How is Web 5.0 different from Web 3.0?

Web 5.0 introduces an extra dimension of decentralization to the operational schema. Simply put, now you do not own your ID and data. That’s owned by a centralized authority. Though you own the application of the data but not the data itself. On Web 5.0, you get a special key to generate and verify your data. It is known as DID or decentralized identifier. DID further introduces no single token to streamline ecosystem operations. Thus full control is restored back to the user. 

Along with this, DID will also establish one universal ecosystem where you can interoperate across platforms. For example, if you use your music on SAAVN, now you wish to use GAANA. Through DWN, GAANA and SAAVN can be linked and you can play at your will. 

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