NFTs goldmine for expiring Intellectual Property Rights 

NFTs have a big role to play in transforming how copyrights can be improved for the sustainability of the creator community.

Every year numerous books are turning free for public access! Expiring copyright issues have turned into a pressing challenge. At maximum, most of the publishers are not interested in renewal of the copyrights. They feel that sometimes or later, these books would be free and of no use to them!

That’s where NFTs come into the picture. They have provided the much needed refuge to the creators to monetize their creation.

How are NFTs helping these creators? 

Through NFTs, these creators can tokenize their art and easily generate royalty in the process. The creations can be subdivided into edition, limited edition or signed vintage copies and made available to the public. The best part is that these NFTs can be created for eternity and it can be easily validated on-chain as well. 

The process will help the community to engage with a lot of creators and these creators would be motivated to continue their process for a long time. 

Through these NFTs, even those assets that are considered as goldmine for creators, however their immediate expiration has closed their door for revenue can be restored. Since an already active community can now interact with NFTs and creators will feel that their revenue stream has not been discontinued post the expiration of the copyright. 

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