What is an NFT mystery box?

A mystery box is a container that includes a unique, unpredicted item. Customers are willing to pay a set price even before they open the box and discover what is inside.

You might be perplexed as to why someone would buy such a thing if they have no idea what they’re buying. They expect to receive extraordinary or unusual goods at a reasonable price, much like when opening a gift. Buyers of all ages are drawn in by the anticipation and curiosity.

The enjoyable treat you probably remember from your youth, surprise chocolate eggs, can also be compared to mystery boxes. These chocolate eggs typically come with a toy or another surprise enclosed in a plastic capsule. You don’t know what you’re going to get until you break it open. The novelty of the item may or may not appeal to you, but we are intrigued by it because of the element of surprise. Similar in operation to mystery boxes, but without the delectable chocolate shell and with a generally constrained supply.

During the early 2021 NFT market boom, the mystery box craze entered the cryptocurrency realm. To surprise customers, many businesses are now releasing limited-edition mystery boxes filled with NFTs of various rarities.

Thousands of NFT mystery box series are currently on the market. Reading the box description before purchasing a mystery box from a collection will give you an idea of what you might receive. You may also be able to see the probabilities of receiving each kind of NFT in particular circumstances.

More than only artworks can be found in NFT mystery boxes. Axie Infinity, DeHero, and Metamon are a few blockchain games that provide players surprise boxes filled with uncommon in-game goodies. Characters, virtual territories, skins, and other collectibles are examples of these valuable NFT assets.

You can be surprised in both directions by the NFT inside the box. The uncommon NFTs can be worth much more than the asking price, if there is demand, as opposed to the more frequent NFTs, which may quickly lose value after the initial sale. You can list these highly sought-after mystery box NFTs for sale on NFT markets or auction sites if you are fortunate enough to discover them.

The piece of art “Everydays: The First 5,000 Days” by Beeple is the most expensive NFT in the world as of November 2021. The NFT is a collection of 5,000 photographs that have been produced every day since 2007. It achieved a new record for the NFT ecosystem when it was sold at Christie’s for more than $69.3 million.

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