July 23, 2024
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Bitcoin Inscriptions Reach Mania Levels Again, Miners Benefit

Bitcoin Inscriptions Reach Mania Levels Again, Miners Benefit

Data indicates that there has been a recent upsurge in Bitcoin Inscriptions, which has increased the miners’ transaction fees.

The Daily Total of Bitcoin Inscriptions Has Increased to 400,000

Analyst James V. Straten discussed the most recent development in the BTC Inscriptions in a recent post on X. Direct data inscription into the Bitcoin blockchain is referred to as “Inscriptions.”

Any type of data, including music, images, videos, and text, can be used to create the inscriptions. Numerous network applications, such as BRC-20 tokens and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), have made use of this concept.

The Inscriptions have an impact on all network metrics since they are positioned in the same block as regular transactions, regardless of the kind of data they consume.

Images and other media formats are inherently data-intensive, while text-based inscriptions are small and don’t take up much blockchain memory. Since NFTs were all the rage in the early days of the technology, picture types dominated its use.

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The cheaper text transactions skyrocketed as new applications appeared. The total number of Bitcoin Inscriptions and the changes in the distribution of the various types over the last year are displayed in the chart below.

According to the graph, Bitcoin Inscriptions were very popular from May to September, but in October, they completely lost traction.

The trend in the cryptocurrency market appears to have returned after the most recent surge in price, which took it close to $35,000. According to Straten, the number of Inscriptions being made is back up to 400,000 every day, which is comparable to the pinnacle of the mania that occurred earlier in the year.

Bitcoin Inscription Count


The network’s economics have been impacted by the sudden surge in operations since, as previously noted, the Inscriptions are similar to standard financial transactions on the blockchain.

As the chart below illustrates, in particular, miners’ total transaction fees have increased during periods of Inscription frenzy.

Percentage Miners Revenue


For the miners, block rewards often account for the majority of their income, with transaction fees constituting no more than 2% to 4% of their overall earnings.

However, these chain validators have made a sizable amount of their income from fees at the times when the Inscriptions have been in demand. It should come as no surprise that the miners are profiting from the fees once more, as they make up a considerable portion of their income, given the recent spike in the Inscription count.

In the future, block rewards will run out since there won’t be any more Bitcoin available for mining. As a result, the miners’ only source of income will have to come from transaction fees. Perhaps the Inscriptions application demonstrates how the fees could support these chain validators.

Bitcoin Rate

As of this writing, the price of Bitcoin is approximately $35,200, up 3% over the previous week.


Bitcoin Price Chart | Source: Coinstats

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