Charles Hoskinson Says When To Expect Cardano-Based Decentralized Exchanges

Charles Hoskinson

Cardano (ADA) creator Charles Hoskinson reveals that decentralize exchanges are now very close to the sixth-largest blockchain by market cap.

Furthermore, Charles Hoskinson expresses in a tweet that he’s “really proud” of the team behind SundaeSwap. More so, it is a decentralized trading protocol on Cardano, ready for testnet launch on December 5th. Also, The reason for the testnet is to identify bugs with potential bottlenecks and inefficiencies before the mainnet launch.

Notably, as per Cardano creator and the CEO Charles Hoskinson the decentralizes exchanges (DEXes) will come to the sixth-largest blockchain by market cap. Of course, this will be during or just before the Christmas holiday.

“Really proud of this team for all their hard work and getting things done so quickly…”
“I don’t imagine they’ll be on the testnet for long. With any luck,…”
“looks like Dexes are coming just in time for/around Christmas.”
Then, Charles Hoskinson
Furthermore, the date for unveiling of the SundaeSwap decentralize exchange is just weeks after Cardano’s smart contract period. Of course, this is after the successful launch of Alonzo hard fork.

So, according to a statement, SundaeSwap notes it will “provide a detailed roadmap towards launch”. However, it doesn’t yet give clarity on date.

Currently, ADA is at $1.71 at the time of writing.

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