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Hyundai has teamed up with Meta Kongz to create a new product

Hyundai also hinted at a future Metaverse, following up on an earlier notion for robots that may cross the real and virtual worlds to improve mobility.

Hyundai, a South Korean automaker, stated today, April 18th, that it has teamed with the Meta Kongz NFT project to build a limited collection of 30 NFTs that will be released in May 2022.

So, Hyundai also established a new Twitter handle for NFT-related messaging, @Hyundai NFT.

Then, shared a video of an animated Meta Kong traveling through space in a 1975 Hyundai PONY.

A teaser for a new “Shooting Star NFT” is in the announcement, with the enigmatic explanation that it is a “ticket to a whole new world” and might lead to “new NFTs.”

Hyundai unveiled its “Metamobility” concept in January, a vision for robots to act as a bridge between the actual world and the Metaverse, allowing users to “overcome the physical restrictions of movement in time and space.”

Hyundai states as part of their concept vision:

“With the metaverse set to become a daily space for people in the future,”
” the company expects the possible emergence of a new type of metaverse platform in which”
“the distinction from reality could disappear, breaking away from”
“the concept of VR as the world knows it today.”

With the release of numerous NFTs as mobility vehicles, Hyundai extended its notion. Thereby, hinting at a future “Hyundai Metamobility universe” a metaverse.

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